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UNEB [PLE, UCE, and UACE] Online Registration | Register Now

UNEB [PLE, UCE, and UACE] Online Registration | Register Now

This process involves the use of electronic methods to carry out the registration of candidates and these include;

  • Windows-based desktop application
  • On-line registration
  • Bulk registration through the web-portal.

As the first step, the Board has designed and developed a Windows-based desktop system for electronically registering UCE and UACE candidates.

This system contains in-built controls for the most common checks that we routinely carry out manually during the registration process.

The e-Registration process is simple and only requires one to possess minimal computer skills.  

The system was designed bearing in mind that the internet is not yet widespread in Uganda.

The system will, therefore, allow centers to register candidates from a location without internet connectivity and then send the data to UNEB from another location where there are internet services.  

This is achieved through an export facility that allows the user of the system to extract data and export it into an Excel workbook that can subsequently be uploaded to the UNEB web portal.

UNEB also recognizes that several centers may not have computer facilities of their own.

This SHOULD NOT deter a center from electronically registering candidates.

This is because a single computer can be used to register candidates from several centers.

A School/Center may request a nearby School to assist in e-Registration by providing the ICT facilities. Centers can also hire equipment for a one-time off use.

UNEB Online Registration of Candidates

The use of the electronic registration process will take an evolutionary (phased) approach whereby the prevalence and proliferation of technologies will determine the specific mode a particular center uses.

The initial phase is the one where users shall use the desktop application.

As technologies improve and become more spread and affordable, e-registration will evolve into a fully-fledged online registration system in which Examination Centers will register candidates online.  

The purpose of this circular, therefore, is to inform you that UNEB introduced electronic registration of candidates starting last year for UCE and UACE.

With your cooperation, this innovation will reduce congestion at our offices and improve on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the Board. UCE Online Registration of Candidates

2024/2025 UNEB Online Registration of Candidates MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS

  For proper utilization of the e-Registration programme, a School/Center should have the following:

  • Digital photographs of candidates
  • Computer with Windows Operating System
  • Internet connection: In the absence of an internet connection at the Center, the data can be exported to an Excel workbook, then go to an area with internet facilities.
  • A trained person to do e-Registration.

Examination Centers may meet the minimum requirements by teaming with Schools in their neighborhood or hire equipment.


  All the required information for registration of candidates should be entered in the TEMPLATES provided in the e-registration system.  

  • The only method of submitting Registration data to UNEB is by using the UNEB portal.
  • Note that data should be uploaded to the UNEB portal after thorough verification and confirmation of accuracy.
  • Institution choices SHALL BE submitted at the time of registration.


  A payment gateway has been developed. This implies that when candidates’ data is uploaded, an invoice is generated and the information is automatically relayed to the participating banks (Stanbic Bank and Centenary Bank). Schools will select their preferred bank and mode of payment. The invoice number is the key reference to be presented to the bank. Once payment is received, the records are automatically updated. The accepted modes of payment are cash or bank draft onlyEFT/RTGS will NOT be allowed. No cash payment will be allowed within UNEB offices. UCE Online Registration of Candidates

NOTE:  A single bill will be generated for any submitted number of candidates, and will include:

  • UCE:  Registration fee, Private candidate fee (where applicable) Late registration surcharge fee (where applicable)
  • UACE:    Registration fee (including entry fee and PCF) Private candidate fee (where applicable) Late registration surcharge fee (where applicable)

 NB: 1.     Costs of Institution Choices form (A5) and Photo collection form (PCF) have been included in the new fees.  No extra charges should be levied for those items.  The money must be paid within a maximum of three days after the submission of data. A Center is deemed to have registered candidates only if the registration fees have been fully paid. UCE Online Registration of Candidates

  1. Any alteration/ amendment to already submitted registration data will attract UNDER PROTEST fees.
  2. The Registration fees are EXCLUSIVE of bank charges.


  At the end of registration in June, UNEB will broadcast a message to alert Candidates of the end of registration. Parents/Guardians of candidates will be able to check the status of the candidates (whether registered or not) by sending an sms using a code to be provided at a later time.

Registration period         

(i)   Normal registration for all candidates candidates will close on the registration deadline.

(ii)  Late Registration with 50% surcharge for all candidates all will start on the registration date and close on the registration deadline.


  • Address:
    35 Matyrs’ Way Ntinda, Kampala, UGANDA.
  • Working hours:
    Mon – Fri: 8AM – 5PM
  • Call us Toll Free:

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