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UNEB A Level Subject Codes 2024/2025

UNEB Subject Codes For All Programmes – Paper Codes

Subject/Paper Codes

Candidates should be informed about the correct subject/paper codes in PART 3.  They should also be informed of compulsory subjects

 i.e. at UCE 

  • 112 English Language,
  • 456 Mathematics,
  • 535 Physics,
  • 545 Chemistry
  • 553 Biology;

and at UACE,

  • S101 General Paper.

Special attention must be given to optional subjects and subjects with optional papers. There are THREE options of PRACTICAL PAPERS in

  • 535 Physics,
  • 545 Chemistry
  • 553 Biology.

All Centers should first of all register candidates for practicals (535/3, 545/3 and 553/2). It is only where the number of candidates is too large to be handled in a day, that some candidates can be registered for option 535/4,5; 545/4,5 and 553/3,4.   The minimum number of candidates for each option is 10.

A Center should not have more than TWO SHIFTS of candidates for any practical paper in a day.   It should be noted that

  • 241 History

has the following independent papers: 241/1        Paper One      East Africa (Compulsory) 241/2        Paper Two      West Africa          241/3        Paper Three    Central Africa 241/4        Paper Four      South Africa   A candidate must offer Paper One and any other one paper chosen from options 2-4, by entering only one of the optional papers.            Candidates offering 610 Art at UCE must register for 3 papers including Paper 5 (compulsory) and any other two papers chosen from 1-4.  

Candidates registering for IPS subjects:

  • 612 Art and Design,
  • 654 Textile Science and Garment Construction,
  • 665 Foods and Nutrition,
  • 736 Mechanical Practice,
  • 745 Building Practice
  • 753 Electrical Practice,

must not confuse them with traditional subjects of similar nature.  Candidates offering

  • 612 Art and Design

must register for Paper 1 and any other 3.           


 (i)   UCE School candidates and private school candidates must register for a minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 subjects.  These subjects must include:

Group I (English Language), at least one subject chosen from each of the

Group II (Humanities), IV (Mathematics), and Visually impaired candidates may offer 500 General Science and/or 527 Agriculture in

1 Group V.  However, they should not register for Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science, Art and Technical subjects. UNEB Subject Codes For All Programmes

Candidates with other special needs/disabilities must get clearance from the Executive Secretary, UNEB, on presentation of written explanations from the Headteacher.   Private candidates attending full time lessons in licensed or registered schools by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports must register for a minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 subjects (which must include the core science subjects); while Repeaters may register for one or more subjects but not exceeding 10.   Purely private candidates register for a minimum of 8 subjects and a maximum of                 10 subjects.

(ii)     UACE candidates must register for General Paper and EITHER

  • 3 Principal subjects and Subsidiary Mathematics OR
  • 3 Principal subjects and Subsidiary Computer.

  Repeaters and Private candidates should register for General Paper and at least one Principal subject or any of the above combinations.  No candidate should register for more than 3 Principal and 2 Subsidiary subjects including General Paper (maximum is 5 subjects).

  • All candidates offering Principal Mathematics (P425) must register for

               Subsidiary ICT (S850).  

  • All candidates offering combinations that include Economics (P220), but without Principal Mathematics (P425), must register for Subsidiary Mathematics (S475).
  • All Candidates offering Science combinations without Principal Mathematics (e.g. PCB, BAG, GCB) must register for Subsidiary Mathematics (S475).
  • The rest of the candidates outside the above categories are free to choose between either Subsidiary ICT (S850) or Subsidiary Mathematics (S475) at their discretion.
  • Blind candidates, Purely Private candidates, and Repeaters cannot register for Subsidiary ICT and Subsidiary Mathematics but General Paper only.

  In no case can a student attending a school recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports be accepted for examination as a pure private candidate.  

  • Candidates offering P615 Art at UACE must register for any four papers. Check carefully that candidates’ choices of subjects comply with the regulations stated in the syllabus.
  • Candidates are advised to avoid selecting more than one subject from groups that are usually timetabled together. UACE candidates are particularly advised to avoid combining Science subjects with Arts subjects, e.g. Sciences with Languages, Physics with Geography, and Biology with Economics etc. (Refer to 2015 timetable). UNEB Subject Codes For All Programmes

  (iii)     Ensure that all candidates have entered the correct subjects and Papers, whether they are compulsory or optional, to avoid paying 50,000/= Under Protest fee per paper.   NB:  Candidates’ well developed permanent signatures, and not names or initials should be used where they are to sign personally.  Initials and names will not be accepted for signatures.  No other person should sign for a candidate.                          Blind candidates can use thumb printsCandidates must be able to reproduce the same signatures whenever required.

(f)    A Center should submit a generated/typed list of the candidates with their corresponding index numbers, names, gender, entry code, age and total number of subjects offered by each candidate, whether USE or Non-USE, UPOLET or              Non-UPOLET, when submitting the Entries to UNEB for registration.  For manually registered candidates this information must correspond with those on entry forms and albums.

(g)    All the candidates at a Center should be registered once. When registering any additional Candidate(s) avoid duplicating index numbers.

(h)    Where there are blind or visually impaired candidates, another list of such candidates (extracted from the main list) indicating their index numbers, names, gender, whether totally/partially blind, subjects and papers, should be submitted separately to UNEB at the time of registration.  Indicate whether a candidate needs Braille or enlarged print.  For enlarged print, please state the font size.

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