By | December 7, 2023

UNEB Certification Of Documents

Instructions:To apply online for Verification /Confirmation /Replacement /Certification of results Passlips or Certificates as an Individual, You must have the requirements below.

A) An Introduction Letter from the Former School addressed to the Executive Secretary, UNEB.

B) A Valid Identity Card

C) A Letter from Police, in case of loss or damage of Slip/Certificate.

D) The Payment is 50,000 Ugx for an Ordinary Letter, 100,000 Ugx for a Hard Card that serves as substitute for a Certificate and 300,000 Ugx for Political/Special Verification documents. (Payable Through Airtel/MTN Mobile Money or Bank Deposits -Guidelines given during the application process.)

Note: Application on behalf of another, Authorization Letter and Identity Document from the Candidate is Required.

Apply Here

Uganda National Examinations Board, P.O. Box 7066 Kampala, Uganda
Toll Free: 0800211077, 0800111427
Tel: +256 414 286635/6/7/8 Tel: +256-312-260753, E-mail:

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