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UNEB A Level Combinations | Check the best combination of courses

UNEB A Level Combinations – Check the best combination of courses below:

You may have just finished school, and you’re already looking forward to your time in college. You’ll want to choose the best A-Levels for your chances of success, and an easier application to university. 

Or maybe you’re already near the end of your time of college, and you’re just wondering if the A-Levels you have done will get you into university. 

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a list of the best A-Level combinations you can have, if you’re considering entering university after college.

1. Computer Science, Physics, Maths

The first A-Level combination on this list is Computer Science, Physics, and Maths. A great set of A-Levels for anything you want to do, but most importantly, university applications. 

Computer Science is highly valued among universities, as technology is fast developing in this day and age. They need students that can adapt to this, and handle possibly more difficult tasks that other students may not be able to do. 

Pairing Computer Science with Maths and Physics shows universities what a logical thinking student you are. Universities love academic students, especially those with a science A-Level. 

Computer Science, Physics, and Maths will get you onto some pretty prestigious courses too. Students with these A-Levels tend to get onto courses like Astrophysics, Computer Science, and many more advanced professions

UNEB A Level Combinations PDF Download

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2. Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science

This combination of A-Levels is similar to the last one, but Maths has been replaced by Chemistry. This can be useful for those of you who are interested in pursuing a science course in university

Universities like students that take sciences – they’re hard, but can also show that you’ve got a good aptitude for logic. This is great, as university needs students that can handle the heavy workload and difficult content. 

UNEB A Level Combinations PDF Download

However, be careful – these A-Levels may be a good combo, but you’ll need to get good grades in them too. They’re hard, and only the most able of students will succeed in them. 

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3. Computer Science, Graphic Design, Art

Number 3 is a combination a bit different from the previous two. This combination of A-Levels is good for students who are looking to go into graphic design or even videogame animation

This combination of A-Levels mixes logical with the creative, to show that you can apply yourself to anything. Universities love to see this in students, as it means that they can stretch and succeed in whatever they put their minds to