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UNEB Center Numbers For O And A Level Schools In Uganda Pdf

The Index Numbers

  • Give index numbers systematically, without skipping any index numbers

for candidates who are absent or pending registration for one reason or another.  Index numbers for UCE start with 001, while those for UACE start with 501 onwards, after writing the center number.

(2)        Candidates must not share index numbers.

(3)        A candidate must not have more than one index number, i.e., he/she must enter once.

(4)        Do not substitute or alter the names and subject choices of already registered candidates.

(5) Any additional candidate must be given the next index number on your registration list.

(6)        Once a candidate’s registration is submitted under a given index number, this WILL NOT be changed.

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NB:  All candidates from the same center must use the same district code, i.e., where the School/Center is located.  District codes are appended at the end of this circular.  Any relocation of a school/examination Center to another district must be communicated to UNEB by the Head of the Center in writing immediately.×280&!4&btvi=2&fsb=1&dtd=1592

O’Level : Exam Centers
CenterNoCentre Name and AddressDistrictExams
U1632Koboko Town College, Box 95, KobokoKobokoUCE,UACE
U0469Koch Goma Sec. School, Box 467 GuluAMURUUCE,UACE
U0087Kololo High School, Box 1389 KampalaTel.251706, 345060KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0036Kololo SS, Box 7114, Kampala Tel.041-341577KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0100Kotido Secondary School, P.O. KotidoKOTIDOUCE,UACE
U1101Kumi Hall, c/o Wiggins SS, Box 4 KumiKUMIUCE,UACE
U0768Kuruhe High School, Box 225 KaseseKASESEUCE,UACE
U0301Kyabenda SS, Box 497 Fort/PortalKAMWENGEUCE,UACE
U1688Kyaddondo SS, Box 25355, KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0493Kyamakanda SS Box 205 RukungiriRUKUNGIRIUCE,UACE
U0366Kyamate Sec. School, Box 5 NtungamuNTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U0069Kyambogo College School, Box 20142 K’la Tel.287557KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0398Kyamuhunga SS, Box 94, BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U1672Kyasanku Hill College, Box 223, MpigiTel..MPIGIUCE,UACE
U0037Kyebambe Girls S.S.,Box 329 Fort PortalKABAROLEUCE,UACE
U0565Kyeibare Girls SS Box 381 BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0140Kyeizooba Girls SS, Box 54 BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U1805Kyengera Central College, Box 25337, KampalaTel..041-572387WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1090Kyenjojo Intergrated S.S, Box 1023, KyenjojoTel.0772-683734KYENJOJOUCE,UAC
U0294Kyenjojo SS, Box 1001 KyenjojoKYENJOJOUCE,UACE
U1296Kyotera Town School, P O Box 108, KyoteraRAKAIUCE,UACE
U0162Lacor Seminary, Box 613 GuluTel.0772-781903, 0772-290193GULUUCE,UACE
U0721Lake Bunyonyi SS, Box 694 KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U0718Lake Mburo SS, Box 320 MbararaKIRUHURAUCE,UACE
U0336Lakeside College Luzira, P.O. Box 50013 K’laTel. 223063, 0772-405123KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0039Lango College Lira, Box 86, LiraEmaillangocollege@yahoo.comLIRAUCE,UACE
U1559Lawrence High Sch Kamwenge, Box 1405, KamwengeTel..0772-627581KAMWENGEUCE,UACE
U0171Light College Katikamu, Box 4103, Kampala Tel.259006WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1247Light HS Seguku, P O Box 24903, KampalaTel.041-200853, 0772-593216, 0772-486116, 0712-804724WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0798Light Sec. & Vocational School Bulenga P. O. Box 4272 Kampala (Arts Only)WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0876Light Sec. School Kitoma P.O. Box 844 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U1308Light SS Soroti, P O Box 876, Soroti Tel.045-618570772-669642, 0772-669576, 0782-312284, 0782-434135SOROTIUCE,UACE
U0235Lira Hall c/o Lango College, P.O. Box 86 LiraLIRAUCE,UACE
U1448Lira Integrated SS, Box 558, LiraLIRAUCE,UACE
U0130Lira Palwo Sec. Sch. P.O. Patongo KitgumPADERUCE,UACE
U0094Lira Town College, Box 125 LiraLIRAUCE,UACE
U1451London College of St Lawrence Maya, Box 29142, K’laWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1847London High School Nansana, Box 29717, KampalaTel.WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1503Lords Meade Voc College Njeru, Box 1393, JinjaTel.043-123063, 0772-540534MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1935Lowell Girls School Nsimbe, Box 7722, KampalaTel.MPIGIUCE,UACE
U0673Lubani SS, Box 1284 JinjaJINJAUCE,UACE
U1147Lubiri HS, Box 27237 Kampala Tel. 270135, 349374KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0041Lubiri Sec School, Box 14148, KampalaTel. 041-270135 Fax-349374, 075-458845, 0772-551898KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U2215Lubiri SS Annex Mengo, Box 14148, KampalaTel.0772-644595 (HT), 0414-270135 (Office)KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1165Lugazi Community Comprehensive S.S P.O.Box 180 Lugazi. Tel.0752-648044MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0853Lugazi High School, Box 154 Lugazi Tel.0712-807967MUKONOUCE,UACE
U2095Lugazi Homeland College, Box 176, LugaziTel.0712-242426MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1379Lugazi Mixed SS, Box 225, LugaziTel.505651MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1219Lugazi Progressive College, P O Box 105, LugaziTel.0712-870170MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1878Lugazi Progressive SS, Box 63, LugaziTel.MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1482Lugoba SS, Box 11527, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0236Lugogo Centre c/o DEO KCC Box 2649 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0697Lukalu Sec. School, Box 38, MpigiMPIGIUCE,UACE
U0394Lumino High School, Box 52 Busia (U)Tel.0772-557658, 0772-354802BUSIAUCE,UACE
U1849Lunar International College, Box 186, KamuliTel.0712-838743, 0772-700187, 0712-682150 Emailyairongobi@yahoo.comKAMULIUCE,UACE
U0299Luteete Secondary School, Box 607 LuweroLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U1737Lutembe Boarding School, Box 9890, KampalaTel..WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0220Lutengo United College, Box 174 MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0741Luwero Hall C/O Luwero SS, Box 37, LuweroLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U0298Luwero Sec Sch, Box 37 Luwero Tel.610111LUWEEROUCE,UACE
U0592Luzinga SS P O Box 5134 Jinja-KamuliTel.0772-692016KAMULIUCE,UACE
U0417Luzira Sec. School, Box 20061 KampalaTel.222265KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1177Luzira Upper Prison Hall, P O Box 5752, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0604Lweru SS Box 338 LugaziTel.0772-454140MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1268Lyantonde SS Kasambya P O Box 67, LyantondeLYANTONDEUCE,UACE
U0029M.M. College, Wairaka Box 26, JinjaTel.JINJAUCE,UACE
U2003Maanji Mem. Academy Mbarara, Box 1865, MbararaTel.MBARARAUCE,UACE
U0107Mackay Memorial School Nateete, Box 19 Natete K’laTel.041-273414KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0112Madox Sec. School, Box 1206 Butiiti Fort PortalKYENJOJOUCE,UACE
U0340Magale Secondary School, Box 573 MbaleMANAFWAUCE,UACE
U0427Mahungye Sec. School, Box 32 BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U1769Majorine College Mulawa, Box 24271, KlaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0043Makerere College School, Box 16391, KampalaTel.041-532027, 543699 (HM-077-373365)KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1550Makerere Day & Evening Adult Sch, Box 1077, KlaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0172Makerere High School, Box 1025, KampalaTel.541390KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1152Makerere Highway College, P.O.Box 2069, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1077Makerere Modern S.S, P O Box 26580 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1783Makerere SS, Box 12233, KampalaTel..0772-895166, 0772-447354WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1120Makerere SS, Box 22254, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1278Makindye College School, P O Box 3890, KampalaTel.235383, 0772-429588KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1261Makindye Parents SS, P O Box 10670, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0802Makindye SS, Box 8713 Kampala Tel.041-269585KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0028Makobore High Schl, Box 64, Rukungiri Tel.0486-42036RUKUNGIRIUCE,UACE
U0928Malcom X Academy Kampala, Box 26549 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1897Maluku SS, Box 738, MbaleTel.MBALEUCE,UACE
U1100Manafwa High School, P O Box 120, MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U1410Manchester HS Kampala, Box 10114, KampalaTel.0772-629066, 0772-693222, 0772-456669KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1241Manchester SS Bugiri, Box 162, BugiriBUGIRIUCE,UACE
U1369Mandela College School Bweyogerere, Box 30640, KlaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1148Mandela SS Hoima, P. O. Box 409, HoimaHOIMAUCE,UACE
U0045Manjasi High School, Box 127, TororoTOROROUCE,UACE
U0873Maracha Hall c/o H/M Maracha Domestic ScienceInstitute, P.O. Box 997 AruaARUAUCE,UACE
U0262Maracha Secondary School, Box 55 AruaTel.0772-636800ARUAUCE,UACE
U1648Margaret SS Kikaaya, Box 31265, KampalaTel.041-540234KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0714Mariam HS Kampala, Box 7731 KampalaTel.530928KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0252Mary Reparatrix Training Centre Entebbe,Box 384 EntebbeWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0046Maryhill High School, Box 380, MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U1293Maryland HS Masajja, Box 33443, KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0597Masaba College Busia, Box 7 Busia (U)BUSIAUCE,UACE
U0047Masaba Secondary School, Box 953, MbaleSIRONKOUCE,UACE
U1060Masajja Sec. School, P.O. Box 10312 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0690Masaka Academy, Box 1464 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U1721Masaka Exodus Voc SS, Box 1363, MasakaTel..MASAKAUCE,UACE
U0232Masaka Hall, C/O H/M Masaka Secondary SchoolP.O.Box 212 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0048Masaka Secondary School, Box 212 MasakaTel.0481-21587MASAKAUCE,UACE
U1809Masaka Town College, Box 1887, MasakaTel..0772-607799MASAKAUCE,UACE
U1502Masese Girls Boarding SS, Jinja, Box 1314, JinjaTel.043-123551, 0752-651000JINJAUCE,UACE
U2023Mashariki HS, Box 16519, KampalaTel.0414-372598, 0779-840232 (HM), 0772-509088 (DIR),UACE
U0139Masheruka SS, Box 86, BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0738Masindi Academy, Box 407 MasindiMASINDIUCE,UACE
U0760Masindi Hall C/O Headmaster Kabalega SSP.O. Box 31 MasindiMASINDIUCE,UACE
U0695Masindi High School, Box 86, MasindiMASINDIUCE,UACE
U0102Masindi Sec. School, Box 229 MasindiTel.0465-20099 Emailmasindisecondary@yahoo.comMASINDIUCE,UACE
U1348Masooli SS, Box 19002, KasangatiWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0221Masuliita SS, P.O. Box 31287 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0599Matale C/U SS Kalisizo Box 288 KalisizoEmailmatalecuklz@yahoo.comRAKAIUCE,UACE
U2040Matugga Girls SS, Box 10380, KampalaTel.0782-139383 (HM), 0772-421454 (DIR)WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1176Mawogola High School Bukulula, Box 73, MasakaSSEMBABULEUCE,UACE
U1194Mbalala SS, P O Box 280, MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1750Mbale Comprehensive HS, Box 874, MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U0233Mbale Hall, C/O Nkoma SS, Box 513 MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U0118Mbale High School, Box 694 MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U1099Mbale Modern High School, P O Box 2541 MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U1215Mbale Parents School, P O Box 2225, Mbale (W/D ‘A’)Tel.0772-492259MBALEUCE,UACE
U0909Mbale Progressive S.S. Box 1389 MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U1276Mbale Riverside SS, P O Box 1217, MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U0051Mbale Secondary School, Box 982 MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U1964Mbale SS Annex, Box 982, Mbale Tel.()MBALEUCE,UACE
U1063Mbarara Allied School, P.O. Box 1213 MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U1941Mbarara Army Boarding SS, Box 1559, MbararaTel.MBARARAUCE,UACE
U1019Mbarara Central High School, Box 465 MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U0836Mbarara College, Box 1304 Mbarara Tel.20859MBARARAUCE,UACE
U0231Mbarara Hall C/O DEO MbararaP.O. Box 290 MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U0052Mbarara High School, Box 205 MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U0878Mbarara Modern Sec. Sch. Box 1135 MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U0651Mbarara School of Higher Education, P O MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U0257Mbarara Secondary School, Box 59 MbararaTel.MBARARAUCE,UACE
U2177Mbogo College School, Box10320, KampalaTel.0772-418470KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0630Mbogo High School, Box 10320 Kampala Tel.566241Fax. 566241WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1288Mbogo Mixed SS, P O Box 28989, K’la Tel.0772-435094WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0500Mbulire Sec. School, Box 778 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0174Mehta SS, Box 235, Lugazi Tel. 448278MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0307Mende Kalema Mem. SS Box 30644 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0053Mengo Senior School, Box 1901 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1110Meridian College Namasuba, Box 12736 KampalaTel.267236WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1354Merryland HS Entebbe, Box 844, EntebbeTel.0772-514825WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0288Metu Secondary School, Box 40 MoyoMOYOUCE,UACE
U1350Midland HS Kawempe, Box 11236, K’la Tel.567018KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1141Migadde College Bombo, P.O.Box 269 BomboTel.0772-504866, 077-401626WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1389Millenium Universal College Tororo, Box 471, TororoTel. 045-45128TOROROUCE,UACE
U1447Mita College Kawempe, Box 17, KawempeWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0338Mitandi Sec. Sch. Box 487 Fort/PortalKABAROLEUCE,UACE
U1866Mitooma Voc SS, Box 267, BushenyiTel.BUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0994Mityana Hall c/o HM Mityana S.S. Box 1 MityanaMITYANAUCE,UACE
U0685Mityana Modern SS, Box 120 Mityana Tel.046-2043 (Office), 046-2421 (Residence)MITYANAUCE,UACE
U0076Mityana Secondary School, Box 1 MityanaTel.046-2331MITYANAUCE,UACE
U0764Mityana Town School, Box 377 MityanaMITYANAUCE,UACE
U1733Mityana Trinity College, Box 316, MityanaTel..MITYANAUCE,UACE
U0223Modern Secondary School, Box 4748, K’laKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1572Modern SS Mbirizi, Box 4916, KampalaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U1162Molly and Paul High School Kibuye P.O. Box 31309 Kibuye-KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0240Monsignor Bala SS Pakele, Box 38 Pakele AdjumaniADJUMANIUCE,UACE
U0054Moroto High School, Box 45 MorotoMOROTOUCE,UACE
U1137Mother Kevin SS Jinja, P.O.Box 903 JinjaTel.043-120191JINJAUCE,UACE
U1311Mount Masaba HS, Box 1473, MbaleTel.0772-518378, 045-34952MBALEUCE,UACE
U1291Moyo Hall, c/o DEO Moyo, P O Box 1, MoyoMOYOUCE,UACE
U0044Moyo Secondary School, Box 52, MoyoMOYOUCE,UACE
U0084Mpanga Secondary School, Box 364 Fort PortalKABAROLEUCE,UACE
U0506Mpenja SS, Box 105, MpigiMPIGIUCE,UACE
U1235Mpigi High School, P O Box 130, MpigiMPIGIUCE,UACE
U2119Mpigi Mixed SS, Box 148, MpigiTel.0772-455778MPIGIUCE,UACE
U0349Mpigi SS, P.O. Box 30353, KampalaLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U1891Mpoma Royal College, Box 30154, KampalaTel.MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0816Mpoma School, P. O. Box 596, MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0063Mt St Mary’s Namagunga, Box 18 LugaziTel.0414-48280. E,UACE
U1504Mt. Carmel SS, Box 18234, KayungaKAYUNGAUCE,UACE
U0963Mubanda S.S. P.O. Box 21006 KasawoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1488Mubende Army Sch, Box 71, MityanaMUBENDEUCE,UACE
U1347Mubende Light SS, Box 62, MubendeMUBENDEUCE,UACE
U1045Mugongo Sec. Sch. Kyengera, P.O. Box 14056 MengoWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0145Mugulu High School, Box 77 TororoEmailschool145@yahoo.comBUTALEJAUCE,UACE
U0861Mugwanya Summit College, Box 7887 K’laWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0989Mukitale Development Foundation, Sec. School,P.O. Box 248 MasindiBULIISAUCE,UACE
U0882Mukono Hall C/O HM Kojja SS, Box 342, MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0645Mukono High School, Box 353 MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1140Mukono Parents High School, P.O.Box 294 MukonoTel. 0772-454786, 0772-430433, 0772-417395MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0705Mukono Town Academy, Box 131 MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0912Mukura Memorial SS, P.O. Box 189, KumiKUMIUCE,UACE
U1450MUL-SSA High School, Box 80, SemutoNAKASEKEUCE,UACE
U0613Mulagi Girls SS Box 805 TororoBUTALEJAUCE,UACE
U1994Mulago SS, Box 1252, KampalaTel.KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0854Mulama Sec. School, Box 21383 KampalaNAKASEKEUCE,UACE
U0844Mulusa Academy Wobulenzi, Box 139 WobulenziLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U2139MUMSA High School Mityana, Box 262, MityanaTel.0772/0752-685275 (HM)MITYANAUCE,UACE
U0420Muni Girls SS, Box 208, AruaARUAUCE,UACE
U0032Muntuyera High Sch. Kitunga, Box 7Rwashamaire Tel.077-511911NTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U2045Munyonyo High School, Box 891, KampalaTel.0772-663378WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0326Mutanywana Sec. Sch. Box 79 KaseseKASESEUCE,UACE
U0057Mutolere Sec School, Box 12 KisoroKISOROUCE,UACE
U0919Muyenga High School, Box 30755 KampalaTel.266352, 269899KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0058Mvara Secondary School, Box 23 AruaTel.20033ARUAUCE,UACE
U0217Mwamba SS, Box 254 IbandaIBANDAUCE,UACE
U0884Mwererwe Sec Sch., P.O. Box 87 BomboWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1609Naalya SS Bweyogerere, Box 8151, KampalaTel..0772-425841WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0801Naalya SS Namugongo, Box 8151 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0061Nabisunsa Girls School, Box 3027 Kampala0414-286168, Fax.0414-223891 Emailnabisunsa@iwayafrica.comKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0062Nabumali High School, Box 902 Mbale Tel.045-33229MBALEUCE,UACE
U0610Nabumali SS, Box 1266 MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U1192Naddunga SS Nakifuma, P O Box 22056, NaggalamaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0698Naggalama Islamic Institute, Box 22024 NaggalamaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0170Nagongera Seminary, Box 110, TororoTOROROUCE,UACE
U0141Naigana Sec School, Box 30 KagadiKIBAALEUCE,UACE
U1033Najja High School, P.O. Box 23261 KampalaTel.041-251892, 342989 Fax.041-257698KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1370Najja Mary’s HS Kyaggwe, Box 4628, Buikwe-LugaziTel.0772-470702MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0241Najjanankumbi Young Christian SchoolP.O. Box 30465 Kampala Tel.510266KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1130Nakanyonyi Girls’ School, P.O.Box 1697 JinjaTel.0712-937568, 0782-762777JINJAUCE,UACE
U0501Nakanyonyi SS, Box 22066 NaggalamaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1907Nakaseke International College, Box 1057, NakasekeTel.0782-563999, 0782-928312, 0772-538813 Emailnakcollege@yahoo.comNAKASEKEUCE,UACE
U0831Nakaseke Secondary School,Box 1003 NakasekeNAKASEKEUCE,UACE
U0680Nakasero High School, (W/D CENTRE)P.O. Box 1413 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0106Nakasero Sec. School Box 14015, KampalaTel.273040, 0772-468222, 0772-467979KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0439Nakasoga SS, Box 110 Kalisizo RakaiRAKAIUCE,UACE
U0771Nakasongola Army Sch., Box 92 NakasongolaNAKASONGOLAUCE,UACE
U0988Nakasongola Hall, C/O DEO NakasongolaP.O. Box 1 NakasongolaNAKASONGOLAUCE,UACE
U0161Nakasongola SS, Box 70 NakasongolaNAKASONGOLAUCE,UACE
U0290Nakateete Secondary School, Box 68, MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U1172Nakifuma High SchoolP.O.Box 22058 Naggalama134UCE,UACE
U2164Nakifuma Modern SS, Box 11547, KampalaTel.0772-915997, 0782-470449MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0689Nakirungu SS, Box 953 MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U1404Nakulabye HS, Box 9870, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0498Nakyenyi SS, Box 952 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0800Nalinya Lwantale Girls’ Sch. Box 23 BomboLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U1416Naluvule College School, Box 378, WobulenziLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U1122Nam High School Pakwach, Box 31 PakwachNEBBIUCE,UACE
U0512Namagabi SS, Box 18098 Kayunga Tel.077-649241, 077-412219KAYUNGAUCE,UACE
U0730Namakwa SS, Box 132 MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1626Namalere Girls SS, Box 4332, KampalaTel..WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0075Namasagali College, Box 241 KamuliKAMULIUCE,UACE
U0304Namasumbi Sec. School, Box 8225 KampalaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1216Namboole HS, P O Box 27544, KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0064Namilyango College, Box 7091, KampalaTel.0414-290009 Fax.290075,UACE
U1893Naminya HS Jinja, Box 2059, JinjaTel.MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0956Namirembe Hillside H.S. P.O. Box 22915 KampalaTel..0772-642835, 0772-424775WAKISOUCE,UACE
U2097Namiryango HS Gulama, Box 249, MukonoTel. 0414-290844, 0712-695726, 0772-329036 Emailnhsgulama@yahoo.comMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0959Namiryango S.S. P.O. Box 31416 KampalaTel.041-575334, 0772-453873MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1084Namuganga S.S P O Box 21069 Kasawo-MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1758Namugongo Sec and Voc Sch, Box 10439, KlaTel..039-220051WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1256Namungoona HS, P O Box 26935, K’la Tel.0772-516415KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1542Namungoona Parents SS, Box 28734, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0817Namwezi Sec. Sch, P O Box 1218, JinjaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1086Nansana S.S P O Box 25568 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1318Nansana St Joseph SS, Box 25742, KampalaTel. 532708WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1080Natete Muslim High School P O Box 30430 K’laKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0970Nazigo Town S.S. P.O Box 18289 KayungaKAYUNGAUCE,UACE
U0514Ndeeba SS Kayunga, Box 18220 KayungaTel.290995/6 Ext.80KAYUNGAUCE,UACE
U0799Ndejje Day Vocational SS Box 64 BomboLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U1775Ndejje HS, ox 198, Bombo Tel.077-630988LUWEEROUCE,UACE
U0065Ndejje Secondary School, Box 193 BomboTel.041-630322, 0772-548866,UACE
U0383Ndekye SS, Box 20 Rubirizi-BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0706Ndorwa Sec. School, Box 762 KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U0658Nebbi Town Hall C/O DEO Nebbi, Box 1 NebbiNEBBIUCE,UACE
U0637Nebbi Town Sec. School, Box 169 NebbiNEBBIUCE,UACE
U0851New Styles SS Bwaise, Box 21487 KampalaTel.543882, 0772-500785KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0879Ngabo Academy of Science and DevelopmentP.O. Box 1076 MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U0144Ngai Secondary School, Box 144 LiraOYAMUCE,UACE
U1081Ngando S.S P O Box 31446 NakivuboTel.0772-578220MPIGIUCE,UACE
U0160Nganwa High School. Box 44 Kabwohe-BushenyiTel.88BUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0547Ngarama SS, Box 53 MbararaISINGIROUCE,UACE
U0250Ngogwe Baskerville S.S, Box 81 Lugazi Tel..0772-401425 Emailngogwebasker@yahoo.comMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0668Ngora Girls SS, Box 128 NgoraKUMIUCE,UACE
U0066Ngora High School, Box 4 NgoraTel.0772-450427 (HM), 0772-441437 (Bursar)KUMIUCE,UACE
U1093Nile High School Arua, Box 921, AruaARUAUCE,UACE
U1365Nile HS Mukono, Box 80, MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1705Njeru SS Jinja, Box 1992, Jinja Tel.0772-450377, 0772-682903 Fax.043-120551MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0067Nkoma Secondary School, Box 513 MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U1787Nkoowe HS, Box 71347, Kampala Tel.0772-440826WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0926Nkumba S.S Box 73 EntebbeTel.571920, 0772-446629WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0211Nkuutu Memorial SS Busesa, Box 369, IgangaIGANGAUCE,UACE
U0803Noah’s Ark SS Lugazi, Box 4977 KampalaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0431Nombe SS, Box 26 Rubindi MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U1770Nsambya SS, Box 23352, KampalaTel..077-958494KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1744Nsangi High School, Box 657, KampalaTel..WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0407Nsangi SS. P.O. Box 23047 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1157Nserester Voc SS Masaka., P O Box 31, MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U1257Ntanda College School, P O Box 6434, KampalaTel.540783, 0772-800052MPIGIUCE,UACE
U0068Ntare School Box 57 Mbarara Tel..0485-20065, 0485-20246, 0772-603209,,UACE
U1507Ntinda View College – Lugazi Campus, Box 310, LugaziTel.0772-511063, 0772-404984MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0897Ntinda View College, Box 24623 KampalaTel.041-344279, 041-344286, 0772-404984, 0782-300893KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0747Ntungamo Hall c/o DEO NtungamoP.O. Box 1 NtungamoNTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U1417Ntungamo HS, Box 126, NtungamoNTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U1998Nyabikoni SS Kabale, Box 304, KabaleTel.KABALEUCE,UACE
U0400Nyabiteete SS, Box 141 RukungiriRUKUNGIRIUCE,UACE
U0397Nyabubare Sec. Sch. Box 83 BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0381Nyakabungo Girls SS, Box 179 RukungiriKANUNGUUCE,UACE
U0070Nyakasura School, P O Box 16, Fort PortalTel.0483-25126/25129, Fax.c/o 256-0483-22636 Emailnyakasuraschool@lycos.comKABAROLEUCE,UACE
U0465Nyakayojo SS, Box 462 MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U1587Nyamirembe SS, Box 251, KisoroKISOROUCE,UACE
U0503Nyamitanga SS, Box 1193 MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U0874Nyangilia Sec. School, Box 18 KobokoKOBOKOUCE,UACE
U0266Nyaruhanga High School, Box 1123 KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U0785Nyendo Mixed Sec. Scho. Box 1665 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0206Nyenga Secondary School, Box 1867 JinjaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0676Nyondo SS, Box 2068 MbaleMBALEUCE,UACE
U1837Oasis Francee SS Ntinda, Box 7348, KampalaTel.KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1153Old Kampala High School, P.O.Box 71830, KampalaTel.0752-658816KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0023Old Kampala Sec School, Box 330, KampalaTel..041-235010, 341952, oldkla@iwayafrica.comKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0092Ombatini Sec School, Box 171 AruaARUAUCE,UACE
U0979Omega College Sch Kampala, Box 5361 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1127Oriajini SS, P.O.Box 572 Arua, Tel 0772-652307ARUAUCE,UACE
U0476Otravu Secondary School, Box 953 AruaARUAUCE,UACE
U0782Our Lady Consolata SS Kireka, Box 24409 K’laWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1611Our Lady of Africa SS Namilyango, Box 128, SeetaTel..0712-814670MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0245Our Lady of Good Counsel, P.O Box 19142, KasangatiTel..0414-572626, 0772-993249WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1711Oxford High School Kawempe, Box 30762, KampalaTel..KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1751Oxford HS Mbale, Box 2034, MbaleTel..MBALEUCE,UACE
U0838Pafra Bulamu SS Kasangati, P.O. Box 2859 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0156Pakwach Secondary School, Box 23 PakwachNEBBIUCE,UACE
U1095Pal and Lisa College Pallisa, Box 150, PallisaUCE,UACE
U1220Pal and Lisa SS Kampala, Box 24782, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1694Pallisa HS, Box 160, PallisaPALLISAUCE,UACE
U0125Pallisa Secondary School, Box 4037 PallisaTel.045-79013PALLISAUCE,UACE
U1501Paul Mukasa SS Mukono, Box 91, Seeta MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U2118Peace HS Matugga, Box 10722, KampalaTel.0772-424719 (DIR), 0772-390007 (HM), 0772-355136 (DOS)WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1082Pere Grandmaison Memorial SS Buyege, Box 63, MpigiWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0219Pilkington College Muguluka, Box 1442 JinjaJINJAUCE,UACE
U1732Plus Two High School, Box 282, BushenyiTel..0772-648485, 0772-473821BUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0056PMM Girls School Jinja, Box 1265 JinjaJINJAUCE,UACE
U1462Pope John Paul II College Gulu, Box 258, GuluGULUUCE,UACE
U2219Pope John Paul II Memorial College KotidoBox 34, Kotido. Tel.KAABONGUCE,UACE
U0131Pope Paul VI SS Anaka, Box 187 GuluTel.0772-845055AMURUUCE,UACE
U0886Premier HS Ntinda-Kampala, Box 9930 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0762Pride Academy Kampala, Box 6372 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U2050Pride SS Mityana, Box 369, MityanaTel.0752-628295 (HM), 0772-860382 (DIR)MITYANAUCE,UACE
U1193Progressive Citizens’ HS Mukono, Box 310, MukonoTel.0774-002544MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0731Progressive SS Bweyogerere, Box 30903 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U2184Progressive SS Kabembe, Box 782, MukonoTe.0712-678172, 0752-206775MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1663Progressive SS Kitintale, Box 40062, KampalaTel..041-220401, 0772-411104, 0772-459181KampalaUCE,UACE
U2241Queen’s Way College Lugazi, Box 333, Lugazi0782-326255MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1052Real College Busunju P.O. Box 4966 KampalaMUBENDEUCE,UACE
U1598Reliance High Sch Tororo, Box 835, TororoTororoUCE,UACE
U1604Rena College Mayuge, Box 1338, MayugeTel..MAYUGEUCE,UACE
U1467Rise and Shine HS Ntinda, Box 27534, KampalaTel.286206, 0772-454514, Fax.344636KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1914Ristaka HS Busiika, Box 14104, KampalaTel.LUWEEROUCE,UACE
U1622Rock Foundation SS Nsambya, Box 71843, KampalaTel..KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0096Rock High School Tororo, Box 378 TororoTOROROUCE,UACE
U1613Romasa Girls College Mukono, Box 8534, KampalaTel..MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0843Royal Academy School Lira, Box 313 LiraLIRAUCE,UACE
U0875Royal College Bunga, P.O. Box 21620 K’laKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1971Royal College Makindye, Box 15271, Kibuye-KampalaTel.KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U2024Royal College Misindye, Box 3092, KampalaTel.0774-199216MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1486Royal Giant HS Mityana, Box 69, MityanaMITYANAUCE,UACE
U0197Rubaga Girls’ Sec School, Box 14318 K’la Tel.270070KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0374Rubaya Secondary School, Box 41 KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U0330Rubirizi Sec. Sch. Box 2005 Kisiizi-RukungiriRUKUNGIRIUCE,UACE
U0589Rubongi SS, Box 431, TororoTel.045-45188, 0782-302304TOROROUCE,UACE
U0137Rugarama Sec School, Box 93, NtungamoNTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U0502Ruhanga Adventist SS, Box 45 NtungamoNTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U0333Ruhinda SS, Box 185 BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0264Rukoni Secondary School, Box 4, NtungamoNTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U0285Rukore High School, Box 12 Rubaya KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U1092Rukungiri Central SS, Box 266, RukungiriRUKUNGIRIUCE,UACE
U1048Rukungiri High School P.O. Box 169 RukungiriRUKUNGIRIUCE,UACE
U0302Ruteete Secondary School, Box 268 Fort/PortalKABAROLEUCE,UACE
U0295Rutooma Secondary School, Box 344 MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U0337Ruyonza Secondary Sch., Box 249 Bushenyi0485-42136BUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0618Rwabukoba SS, Box 231 RukungiriRUKUNGIRIUCE,UACE
U1876Rwanyangwe High School, Box 1852, MbararaTel.KIRUHURAUCE,UACE
U0399Rweibaare Sec. School, Box 119 BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0159Rwenzori High School, Box 213 KaseseKASESEUCE,UACE
U0412Rwimi SS, Box 43 Kibiito, Fort PortalKABAROLEUCE,UACE
U0356Ryakasinga Centre for Higher EducationP.O. Box 65 KabwoheBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U1570Ryeru School, Box 83, Rubirizi-BushenyiTel..0772-382249, 0782-767110, 0772-865759BUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0116Saad Memorial Sec School, Box 171 KaseseKASESEUCE,UACE
U0014Sacred Heart Sec. Sch. Gulu Box 300 GuluTel..0471-32307, 0727-603564GULUUCE,UACE
U0540Sacred Heart Seminary Mubende, Box 110 MubendeTel.0471-32307, 0772-603564MubendeUCE,UACE
U0643Sacred Heart SS, Mushanga Box 187 MbararaBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U1056Salvation College Kajjansi P.O. Box 18540 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0441Sam Iga Memorial College, Box 6353 KampalaTel.041-566876WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0538San Giovanni Sch. Makiro Box 74 KanunguKANUNGUUCE,UACE
U0784Sayidina Abubakar SS Box 1000 Kabasanda-MpigiMPIGIUCE,UACE
U1607Seat of Wisdom SS Kasawo, Box 511, LugaziMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0074Sebei Sec. School, Box 24 KapchorwaKAPCHORWAUCE,UACE
U0222Seeta College, P.O. Box 40, MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1223Seeta High School, P O Box 30169, KampalaTel.041-290811, 0752-658959MUKONOUCE,UACE
U2167Seeta Hill College Mukono, Box 80, SeetaTel.0774-416871, 0772-404242MUKONOUCE,UACE
U2032Seeta HS Mukono, Box 417, MukonoTel.0772-443106MUKONOUCE,UACE
U2028Seeta SS, Box 19, SeetaTel.0782-107983MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0925Seguku Hill College Box 8032 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0115Semuliki High Sch Izaura, Box 1145 BundibugyoBUNDIBUGYOUCE,UACE
U1114Sentah College P O Box 768 MbararaTel.0772-425893, 0772-380087MBARARAUCE,UACE
U0319Serere Secondary School, Box 738 SorotiSOROTIUCE,UACE
U0962Seroma Christian HS, Box 24990, Kampala Tel.0772-958164, 0772-792219MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0134Seseme Girls School, Box 239, KisoroKISOROUCE,UACE
U1032Seven Hills College Kampala, Box 14052 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1965Shammah HS Luwero, Box 219, LuweroTel.LUWEEROUCE,UACE
U1466Shanamu Bombo HS, Box 429, BomboLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U1161Sharing Youth Centre Nsambya, P.O.Box 6342 K’laKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1197Simpson High Sch, Box 4871, BugembeTel.0772-558893, 0782-739545 Emailsimpsonhighschool@yahoo.comJINJAUCE,UACE
U0890Sipi Sec School, Box 158 KapchorwaKAPCHORWAUCE,UACE
U0433Sir Apollo Kaggwa S S, Box 471 MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0003Sir Samuel Baker School, Box 100, GuluGULUUCE,UACE
U0011Sir Tito Winyi Sec School, Box 136 HoimaHOIMAUCE,UACE
U0819Soroti Central Sec. School, Box 101 SorotiSOROTIUCE,UACE
U1619Soroti Community SS, Box 837, SorotiSOROTIUCE,UACE
U0228Soroti Hall, C/O DEO Soroti Box 58 SorotiSOROTIUCE,UACE
U0024Soroti Secondary School, Box 174, SorotiTel..045-61031/61955, 0772-488674SOROTIUCE,UACE
U0889Springfield College Kawongo, Box 5593 KampalaTel..041-231865, 0712-849453MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0746Ssaku SS, Box 38 WobulenziLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U0679Sseke Sec. Sch. Box 1642 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0877Ssembabule CoU Sec. Sch., Box 696 MasakaSSEMBABULEUCE,UACE
U1337Sserwanga-Lwanga Mem. Sch, Box 17, KalangalaTel.0772-801825 Emailsserwangalwangamemosch@yahoo.comKALANGALAUCE,UACE
U1585Ssingo SS, Box 206, MityanaMITYANAUCE,UACE
U0616St . Mary’s SS Nkozi Box 11, Kyabawe/Box 34961 K’laTel.-0481-21909 Emailsmankozi@yahoo.comMPIGIUCE,UACE
U0163St .Charles Lwanga Girls’ Training Centre Kalungu,P.O. Box 251 Masaka Emailkalungugtc@yahoo.comMASAKAUCE,UACE
U2100St Andrews SS Lugazi, Box 97, LugaziTel.0772-894025MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1942St Anne Grace SS Nakifuma, Box 9386, KampalaTel.MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1832St Barnabas College Migadde, Box 33728, KlaTel.0772-617475WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1484St Catherine SS Bujuuko, Box 27001, KampalaMPIGIUCE,UACE
U1292St Catherine’s College Nakinyuguzi, Box 1139, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U2048St Charles Lwanga Int. SS Kakiri, Box 698, K’laTel.0782-501109WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0446St Charles Lwanga SS Lwebitakuli, Box 1344 MasakaSSEMBABULEUCE,UACE
U0088St Charles Lwanga’s College Kalongo,Box 10, Kalongo, PaderPADERUCE,UACE
U1096St Clare Girls High School Pallisac/o P O Box 4107 KampalaBUDAKAUCE,UACE
U0492St Denis Sebugwawo SS Ggaba, Box 6971 K’laKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1546St Gerald Millenium HS Kawempe,Box 28728, KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U2058St Gerald Voc SS Masaka, Box 845, MasakaTel.0772-382261MASAKAUCE,UACE
U1301St Henry’s HS Kaboyo, P O Box 827, MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U1819St Henry’s College Gangu, Box 70710, KampalaTel..0772-389042WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1221St James SS Bulaga, Box 652, KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U1710St Janan Luwumu SS Kampala, Box 25559, KampalaTel..0712-979591KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1894St John’s SS Busia, Box 360, Busia (U)Tel.7BUSIAUCE,UACE
U1917St John’s Wakiso SS, Box 70319, KampalaTel.WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0040St Joseph’s College Layibi, Box 123, GuluTel.0471-32233, 0772-591125GULUUCE,UACE
U1925St Joseph’s College Kisubi, Box 71767, KampalaTel.WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1380St Joseph’s College Namagunga, Box 73,Lugazi Tel.0772-408268, 0772-401430MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1778St Joseph’s Voc HS Nakasongola,Box303, NakasongolaNAKASONGOLAUCE,UACE
U1761St Jude’s College Mukongoro, Box 43, KumiTel..0782-517037KUMIUCE,UACE
U1104St Kizito S.S Bugolobi, P O Box 6562 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1107St Lawrance S.S. Ssonde, Box 9386, KampalaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U1815St Lawrence College Paris-Palais-NsimbeBox25717, Kampala Tel.0772-550994MPIGIUCE,UACE
U1411St Lucia Hill Sch Namagoma, Box 3418, KampalaTel-0772-389042WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1664St Mark’s College Namagoma, Box 22888, KampalaTel.WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1087St Mary’s HS Lubaga, Box 26694, K’laKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1224St Mary’s SS Kitende, P O Box 30583, KampalaTel.0772-453779WAKISOUCE,UACE
U2114St Mary’ HS Migadde, Box 7794, KampalaTel.0712-464618 (SCH), 0712-455455 (HM)WAKISOUCE,UACE
U2236St Mary’s College Lugazi, Box 336, LugaziTel.0772-490205, 0773-333357MUKONOUCE,UACE
U2218St Mary’s HS Katale-Bunamwaya, Box 22547, KampalaTel.0752-620820WAKISOUCE,UACE
U2059St Mary’s Mbuye HS, Box 103, KyoteraTel.RAKAIUCE,UACE
U1465St Mbuga Voc SS Kampala, Box 12881, KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1443St Michael HS Mukono, Box 12155, KampalaTel. 0772-578336, 250276, 236065 Fax.041-254660MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1496St Patrick’s HS Katukuru, Box 1988, MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U1674St Paul Citizens’ HS, Kalukungu, Box 367, MasakaTel..SSEMBABULEUCE,UACE
U1624St Paul SS Nakyessanja, Box 33807, KampalaKampalaUCE,UACE
U1198St Peter’s College Buweera, P O Box 4703, BuwengeJINJAUCE,UACE
U1951St Peter’s Mixed SS Mukono, Box 576 MukonoTel.MUKONOUCE,UACE
U1480St Stephen SS Soroti, Box 517, SorotiTel.045-63255SOROTIUCE,UACE
U1523St Stephen’s Academy Tororo, Box 87, TororoTOROROUCE,UACE
U1992St Stephen’s College Bajja, Box 550, MasakaTel.MASAKAUCE,UACE
U1646St Stephen’s College Kabowa. Box 2376, KampalaTel..KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0815St Stephen’s SS Bweyogerere, Box 4460, KampalaTel.0712-921762,0772-924726,0772-401975WAKISOUCE,UACE
U1206St Theresa SS Katende, Box 2, Mpigi Tel. 0772-518014, 0772-522583MPIGIUCE,UACE
U0792St. Maria Gorretti SS Rushoroza P. O. Box 360 Rushoroza KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U0869St. Adolf Tibeyalirwa SS Muhorro, Box 81 KagadiKIBAALEUCE,UACE
U0071St. Aloysius Col. Nyapea, Box 71 Paidha-NebbiNEBBIUCE,UACE
U0210St. Aloysius Sec Sch. Bwanda Box 170 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0653St. Aloysius Sec. School Nabbingo P. O. Box 997 KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0169St. Andrea Kahwa’s College Hoima, Box 153 HoimaHOIMAUCE,UACE
U0761St. Andrew Kaggwa SS Kasaala,Box 25 LuweroLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U0885St. Andrew Kaggwa SS Kawaala,P.O. Box 29058 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0624St. Andrew’s SS Rubindi Box 150 MbararaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U0462St. Anne’s SS Kihani, Box 229 IbandaMBARARAUCE,UACE
U0681St. Anthony SS Nkokonjeru, P.O. Box 12 NkokonjeruMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0781St. Augustine College Wakiso, Box 5399, WakisoTel.0712-160038, 0772-484294WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0945St. Balikuddembe S.S. Lwabenge Box 317 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0852St. Balikuddembe SS Kisoga, Box 250 MukonoTel..0752-738000, Fax 041-343059MUKONOUCE,UACE
U0184St. Balikuddembe SS Mitala-MariaP.O. Box 32 Buwama Tel.0772-445559 Emailstbalikuddembemm@yahoo.comMPIGIUCE,UACE
U0949St. Benedict’s SS Buwama, Box 162 BuwamaMPIGIUCE,UACE
U0201St. Bernard’s College Kiswera, Box 265 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0669St. Bruno Sserunkuma’s SS GgoliP.O. Box 56 Buwama MpigiMPIGIUCE,UACE
U1066St. Catherine Sec.Sch. Nabbingo, Box 11536 K’laTel.0772-801243WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0472St. Cecilia Girls’ SS Bushenyi, Box 384 BushenyiUCE,UACE
U0639St. Charles Lwanga High School KashekuroP.O. Box 47 MaremboBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0978St. Charles Lwanga S.S. Kibiri, Box 15264 Kibuye-K’laWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0181St. Charles Lwanga SSP.O. Box 1269 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0515St. Charles Lwanga SS Bukerere, Box 20047 KampalaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0035St. Charles Lwanga SS Koboko, Box 10, KobokoKOBOKOUCE,UACE
U0699St. Charles Lwanga SS Mubende, Box 72, MubendeEmail:stcharlesmubs@yahoo.comMUBENDEUCE,UACE
U0791St. Charles Lwanga SS Muko Box 742, KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U0880St. Charles SS Ntungamo, Box 7, NtungamoNTUNGAMOUCE,UACE
U0007St. Edward’s Sch. Bukumi, Box 507, KakumiroTel.0775-149745KIBAALEUCE,UACE
U0856St. Elizabeth SS Nkoowe, Box 21003, KampalaTel..0772-481321, 0772-405523WAKISOUCE,UACE
U0079St. Elizabeth’s Girls Sch. Kidetok, Box 2005, SerereSOROTIUCE,UACE
U0551St. Francis Buhunga High School, Box 172 RukungiriRUKUNGIRIUCE,UACE
U0555St. Francis College Kyanamira, Box 442 KabaleKABALEUCE,UACE
U1146St. Francis S.S. Kawempe, P.O.Box 10669 Kampala0772-607684, 0712-850724KAMPALAUCE,UACE
U1050St. Francis Sec.Sch. Nansana P.O. Box 509 NansanaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0757St. Francis SS Busunju, c/o Box 22551, KampalaMITYANAUCE,UACE
U0392St. Francis SS for the Blind, Box 603 SorotiTel.077-493149, 045-61854SOROTIUCE,UACE
U0621St. Francis SS Kamwokya, Box 16065 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0237St. Francis SS Mengo, Box 30327 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0985St. George H. Sch. Kabusu P.O. Box 23542 KampalaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0930St. George SS Makukuulu , Box 622 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0474St. Geralds’ SS Nyakibale, Box 74 RukungiriRUKUNGIRIUCE,UACE
U0357St. Getrude’s Voc. Girls’ Sch. Kisoro, Box 119 KisoroKISOROUCE,UACE
U0155St. Gonzaga SS Kijjukizo, Box 19, Lyantonde-RakaiTel..0772-619842, 0772-643201LYANTONDEUCE,UACE
U0166St. Henry’s Buyege SS Box 63 MpigiWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0034St. Henry’s College Kitovu, Box 64, MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0193St. James SS Jinja Box 1320 JinjaJINJAUCE,UACE
U0122St. John Bosco Dokolo SS, Box 525 Dokolo-LiraDOKOLOUCE,UACE
U0531St. John Bosco Kamuli SS, Box 73 KamuliKAMULIUCE,UACE
U0164St. John Bosco Seminary Hoima , Box 139 HoimaHOIMAUCE,UACE
U0774St. John Mary Muzeyi Bigada SSP.O. Box 22 Kakuuto-RakaiRAKAIUCE,UACE
U0744St. John the Evangelist Minor SeminaryP. O. Box 75 KaseseKASESEUCE,UACE
U0348St. John’s SS Kabuwoko, Box 14 KalisizoRAKAIUCE,UACE
U1179St. John’s SS Mukono, P O Box 126, MukonoMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0218St. John’s SS Nandere, Box 320 BomboLUWEEROUCE,UACE
U0463St. John’s SS Nyabwina, Box 187 MbararaBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0704St. John’s SS, Muduuma, Box 15166 KibuyeMPIGIUCE,UACE
U2163St. John’s College Mpigi Box 14078, MengoMPIGIUCE,UACE
U0814St. John’s Sec. Sch. Ntebetebe, Box 5620, KampalaWAKISOUCE,UACE
U0753St. John’s SS Wakitaka, Box 1251 JinjaJINJAUCE,UACE
U0254St. Joseph’s SS Kakindu, Box 4 Mwera-MityanaTel..046/2520, 0772-641096MITYANAUCE,UACE
U0855St. Joseph’s Centenary S.S Ndeeba,P.O. Box 15172 Kibuye -KlaKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0073St. Joseph’s College Ombaci, Box 32 AruaARUAUCE,UACE
U0192St. Joseph’s Girls Nsambya, Box 6091 K’laKAMPALAUCE,UACE
U0177St. Joseph’s Girls Sch. Nkoni Box 539 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0756St. Joseph’s Kigando SS Box 45 KibogaKIBOGAUCE,UACE
U0180St. Joseph’s Seminary Aboke, P.O. Box 855 LiraAPACUCE,UACE
U0194St. Joseph’s Seminary Nyenga, Box 150 JinjaMUKONOUCE,UACE
U0391St. Joseph’s SS Naggalama Box 22002 NaggalamaTel.0772-431674, 0414-376935,UACE
U0214St. Joseph’s SS Villa-Maria, Box 1082 MasakaMASAKAUCE,UACE
U0346St. Joseph’s Voc. Sch Mbarara, Box 120 Mbarara Tel.20657MBARARAUCE,UACE
U0712St. Jude SS Mityana, Box 207 Mityana(W/D)MITYANAUCE,UACE
U0082St. Kaggwa Bushenyi High Sch., Box 84 BushenyiBUSHENYIUCE,UACE
U0097St. Kalemba Sec School Nazigo, Box 18286 KayungaEmailstmkalemba@yahoo.comKAYUNGAUCE,UACE
U0008St. Katherine SS Lira, Box 255, LiraLIRAUCE,UACE
U0182St. Kizito High School BethanyP.O. Box 23 Mwera-MityanaMITYANAUCE,UACE
U0923St. Kizito High School, Namugongo Box 11419 K’laTel.220184WAKISOUCE,UACE