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UBTEB Department of Business and Humanities Nov/Dec Diploma Final Examination Draft TimeTable


The time allowed for each paper is shown against the name of the paper. NO EXTRA TIME IS TO BE
 In case of any discrepancy, the time shown on the question paper must be taken as correct.

It must be observed that the morning session begins at 9:00 a.m. and the afternoon at 2.00 p.m.

Briefing the candidates by the Principals/Heads of Centres on the conduct of the examinations will be done on December 2024. All candidates MUST attend this briefing at their respective centres of registration.

No candidate is allowed to take more than one paper in each time block per day.


Candidates should ease themselves before entering the examination room. No candidate shall be allowed to
leave the examination room before the end of the examination.

Candidates should be seated in the examination hall/room at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination.
Any candidate who comes thirty (30) or more minutes after the official start of the examination will not be allowed to sit the examination paper.

Do not smuggle unauthorized materials e.g., notes, text-books, etc. in the examination room. Do not engage in any form of examination malpractice.

Programmable calculators and Mobile Phones are not allowed in and around examination rooms.

Candidates are instructed to present themselves at the entrance to the examination rooms/halls for checking by the examination supervisors and then should be checked their pockets, shoes or any other part where smuggled information could be hidden.

At the start of each examination, a candidates’ representative should examine the question paper envelope(s) to find out whether (it is), they are intact or already opened. In case the envelopes are already opened, report this matter to the Executive Secretary UBTEB, P.O. Box 1499 Kampala Line 0393255225 or 0393193194: Email:

Attend carefully to the instructions given on the question paper rubric. Do not answer more questions than asked for. The examiner will not mark the extra questions answered.

Write your correct names, registration number and paper number on each page of your answer booklets and any separate sheet(s) used. Poor handwriting may lead to loss of marks and results.

Sit only the examination paper you registered for. No results may be issued for papers sat but not registered for.
Register your attendance for each paper with the examination supervisor.

Sit the examination only at the Centre where you have registered to take it.

At the end of the examination, stop writing when instructed to do so, arrange your scripts in order, make sure that they all have your registration number written on them and fasten together at the left-hand corner.

Do not go out immediately at the end of each examination. Witness the checking, sealing of the scripts in the return envelope.

Leave all the used and unused booklets and other official stationery inside the examination room.

Sharing of Calculators, Mathematical/Reference tables, charts is NOT allowed during examination period.
Borrowing of pens shall be done after consulting examination supervisor.

Do NOT write anything on the Question paper. All rough work should be done in the official answer booklet provided. Afterwards rough work should be cancelled.

Check to download the timetable here