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UAHEB Past Papers With Answers Pdf

No candidate may enter the test/examination hall later than 15 minutes after the test/examination session has commenced and no candidate may leave the test/examination hall earlier than half an hour after the test/examination has commenced

Candidates are obliged to execute immediately all instructions given by an invigilator

All conversations or any form of communication between candidates must cease once the test/examination has commenced

Candidates may not take into the test/examination hall or have in their possession any unauthorized apparatus, books, notes or paper of whatever nature or size

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Mobile phones, recording apparatus and any electronic equipment are prohibited in the /examination hall

No candidate may assist or attempt to assist another candidate or obtain assistance or attempt to obtain assistance from the candidate with regard to any information during the test/examination

Writing on paper other than that supplied for test/examination purposes is strictly prohibited.

Candidates shall not write on the question paper unless they are required to fill in answers or to respond to multiple-choice questions

Rough work should be done in the test/examination answer book and then crossed out. Pages must NOT be removed from the answer book

Only in exceptional circumstances will a candidate be permitted to leave the test/examination hall temporarily, and then only under the permission of the invigilator

In NO circumstances must answer books, used or unused, be removed from the examination room by a candidate

When the invigilator announces that the time has expired, candidates must stop writing immediately otherwise the candidate will be reported to the Examinations Security

For essay questions begin a number on a fresh page

Write the number of the question at the top of each page Please Note:

Candidates are seriously warned about contravening any of these instructions.


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