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Makerere University Grading Marking Scheme

All you need to know about grading at Makerere University

Examination Marks

The range of marks is probably a lot smaller than you are used to from school. The overall marks a candidate obtains in each Course he/she is offered shall be graded out of a maximum of One Hundred (100) Marks and assigned appropriate Letter Grades and Grade Points.

The following list is to give you an idea of what the marks mean

MarksLetter GradeGrade PointInterpretation
90 – 100A+5Exceptional
80 – 89A5Excellent
75 – 79B+4.5Very Good
70 – 74B4Good
65 – 69C+3.5Fairly Good
60 – 64C3Fair
55 – 59D+2.5Pass
50 – 54D2Marginal Pass
45 – 49E1.5Marginal Fail
40 – 44E-1Clear Fail
Below 40F0Bad Fail

Grade Point Average Terminology

Credit Unit- Hours assigned a course, this is the number listed in both the schedule of classes and the catalog and is usually 2 to 5 credits. Grade point – the numerical value assigned to a grade; A+ = 5 points A = 5 points B+ = 4.5 points B = 4 points C+ = 3.5 points C = 3 points D+ = 2.5 points D = 2.0 points F = 0 points Grade points – Number of credit units for course times the grade value Earned credits – Credit hours that you passed (with a grade of D or higher).

What can I do if I fail my semester examinations?

Don’t despair – you can still recover the following year! Such a student shall be allowed to progress to the next semester/ academic year but shall still retake the courses failed when next offered.

Final Year Results

Officially, in the final year you get a classified degree. For purposes of the classification of Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates (where applicable) the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CPGA) for the various Classes shall be as indicated below:

aFirst Class4.40 – 5.00
bSecond Class – Upper Division 3.60 – 4.39
cSecond Class – Lower Division2.80 – 3.59

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