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JAB Guidelines pdf Download 2024/2025


You should note that admissions will flow from University programmes to the programmes
offered by other tertiary institutions. You will only be considered for what you have applied for,
so candidates should endeavour to make appropriate choices. Attention is particularly drawn to
the following:

The minimum entry requirement for all Diploma programmes is one principal pass and two subsidiaries in all combinations including subsidiary computer and mathematics (1P,2s)

The subject requirements and cut-off weights for programmes offered at Tertiary Institutions 2024/2025 are in Table II- III. Study the tables before applying to any of the Tertiary Institutions.

Use the 4 figure numerical codes (course and college codes) given in Table 1 to apply
for colleges of your choice. The first two digits are for the course and the next two are for the college offering that course.

Please note that there will be no change of colleges after admissions have been done.

If you cannot go to a particular college for one reason or another then do not apply to it.

If you apply to it and get admitted but fail to take up the place, you will have blocked a place for somebody else.

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Note that your insistence on admission to a particular college may lead to your not being admitted at all.

Uganda Colleges of Commerce (UCCs) offer Uganda Diploma in Business Studies (UDBS) as a programme with the options of: – (i) Marketing (ii) Accounting (iii) Stores Management (IV) Purchasing and Supplies Management (V) Clearing and forwarding.

Note: Once a candidate is admitted on Government or Private Sponsorship in Universities; he/she becomes automatically ineligible for consideration for a Diploma in Tertiary Institutions. Therefore, one should not apply for privately sponsored programmes in Universities if they wish to be considered for government funding for diplomas in Tertiary Institutions.



Kyambogo University does not offer French for beginners. Candidates must have passed French with a least a Principal Pass at ‘A’ level.


Candidates must have done Technical Drawing (TD) at the ‘O’ level.

iii) Diploma in Wildlife Tourism Management (DWT) candidates must have passed Biology with at least a pass at O’ level

iv) Diploma in Pharmacy and Medical Laboratory Technology, a candidate must have passed chemistry with a principal pass at A’ level

v) Diploma in Medical Radiography, a candidate must have passed Biology at A ‘level with at least a subsidiary pass in physics

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