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African Rural University Uganda (ARU) Fees Structure pdf

This page contains information on African Rural University Uganda ARU Fees Structure, Tuition, Registration Fees, Examination Fees, Course Fees, and Payments methods. See African Rural University Uganda ARU Fees Structure 2024-2025 below :

Fee Structure for Degree Course [BRD]

Semester OneSemester Two
Tuition600,000/=           600,000/=
Examination Fees100,000/=
Library Fees   20,000/=
ICT Fees   50,000/=
Maintenance Fees   20,000/=
University ID   10,000/=
NCHE Fees   20,000/=
Accommodation100,000/=           100,000/=
Per Semester960,000/=           700,000/=
Annual Fees Total1,660,000/=

Fees Structure for Credit Certificate Courses

So far the Certificate Course being offered is a Certificate in Rural Entrepreneurship and Business Management (CREB); plans are under way to introduce other Certificate Courses.

Credit Certificate means that on successful completion of such a course, one is eligible for admission to any One-year ARU Diploma in  Rural Development and eventually to the BRD.

Plans are underway to introduce Diploma Courses after their accreditation by NCHE. The CREB lasts for One Year divided into two Semesters of Seventeen Weeks each. Admission Criteria: a minimum of three passes at Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE).

 All payments are paid through the Bank

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