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Uganda Management Institute Fees Structure

Uganda Management Institute Fees Structure

FULL TUITION FEES of Uganda Management Institute

Course UgandansNon-UgandansNon-Ugandans
PGD Evening- Kampala1 year2,810,0003,653,000$2,087
PGD Day- Kampala1 year2,800,0003,640,000$2,080
PGD weekend- Kampala1 year2,870,0003,731,000$2,132
PGD- Outreach Centres1 year2,770,0003,601,000$ 2,058
PGD – M & E (weekend & Evening)1 year3,650,0004,745,000$ 2,711
PGD – M&E (Distance learning)1 year1,950,0002,535,000$ 1,449
PGD – PPM (Distance learning)1 year2,085,0002,710,500$ 1,549
PGD – PPM (Evening)1 year2,945,0003,828,500$ 2,188
PGD – PPM (Weekend)1 year3,005,0003,906,500$2,232
PGD – PPM (Outreach Centres)1 year2,905,0003,776,500$ 2,158
Ordinary. Diploma except DICT2 years2,550,0003,315,000$ 1,894
DICT2 years2,710,0003,523,000$ 2,013
MBA,MPA,MPP,MIML,MHEMA2 years8,150,00010,595,000$ 6,054
MMS1 year5,200,0006,760,000$ 3,863
PhD3 years18,150,00023,595,000$3,483
Professional programmesN/A300,000390,000$ 223
Short courses (2 weeks )N/A480,000624,000$357
Short courses (1 week )N/A320,000416,000$238
Short courses (3 days )N/A210,000273,000$156
FUNCTIONAL FEESUgandansNon-UgandansNon-Ugandans
Registration Fees100,000130,000$74
Examination ( per module)20,00026,000$15
Identity Card20,00026,000$15
Students’ Council10,00013,000$7
Accommodation(Full time Participants)per20,00026,000$15
Accommodation Part time(Participants and30,00039,000$22
others)per night    
Application for admission40,00052,000$30
Re-take/Re-sit paper452,000587,600$336
Verification of academic document10,00013,000$7
Certification of academic document5,0006,500$4
Graduation125,000162,500$ 93

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  • Plot 44-52, Jinja Road, P.O Box 20131 Kampala, Uganda.
  • +256-312 721 700, +256-312 721 200

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