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Uganda Government Admission For Public Universities And Other Tertiary Institutions 2024/2025

NOTE: (i) This form must be submitted with evidence of payment of the application fee.
(ii) This form must be completed by all candidates who seek admission to the Public Universities through
Direct Entry Scheme on Government Sponsorship.
(iii) Names to be used should be similar to those on ‘PLE’, ‘O’, and ‘A’ Level Documents.

Information on Disability. Disabled candidates must attach photographs showing their level of disability or a medical report from the hospital as evidence of being disabled.
a) Disabled: Yes/No
b) Nature of disability: (Tick) Deaf, Blind, Physical disability, Albinism, Sickle Cells, Asthma.
c) Level of Disability: (Tick) Mild, Severe, Very Severe

To Note: Candidates with disabilities must apply using government sponsorship application forms and must
appear for Medical Review Exercise at Makerere University, Senate Building in September.
The actual dates for the medical review exercise will be communicated through the press in September.
NB: Candidates who obtained overall results/Grades 7, 9, Y, or Z at ‘O’ Level do not qualify for University
admission and should not apply.

  1. It should be NOTED by all applicants that cases of Impersonation, Falsification of Documents or providing
    False/Incomplete Information whenever discovered either at Registration or afterwards will lead to automatic
    CANCELLATION of admission and prosecution in the Uganda Courts of Law.
  2. Declaration by the applicant.
    I have noted and understood the implication of giving incomplete/incomplete/incorrect information. I confirm
    that the information given on this form, to the best of my knowledge, is correct.
    Signature of the applicant …………………………………… Date …………………………………………

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