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Kabale University Diploma Entry Scheme Admissions

Kabale University Diploma Entry Scheme Admissions

Kabale University Diploma Entry Admissions 2024-2025 | See details below to apply…

Applications from Diploma Holders for admission under the Government Sponsorship scheme for the 2024-2025 Academic Year in the following degree programmes:

KCEBachelor of Civil Engineering
KEEBachelor of Electrical Engineering
KMEBachelor of Mechanical Engineering
KITBachelor of Information Technology
KCSBachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Science with Education
KEBBiological (biology/chemistry)
KEPPhysical (a combination of any two of physics, mathematics, chemistry)

The Government sponsorship is for Ugandans, and applicants should possess the following:

  1. At least a relevant second-class or credit diploma (or equivalent) from a recognised institution
  2. UACE with at least one principal pass and two subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting (or equivalent)
  3. UCE with at least five passes obtained at the same sitting (or equivalent)

Before you proceed to application, Click on any of the links below for information:

Kabale University Ongoing Admission

Kabale University Students Portal Login

E-learning kab ac ug Login

Kabale University Results Portal

Kabale University Student Portal Login Password

Kabale University Undergraduate Courses Offered

Click Here For Application Procedure and Download Application Forms Here

  • OR Apply online via
    NOTE: If you apply online, scan all your academic documents and identity cards, and mail them to


  1. ONLY applicants with official Transcripts/Result Slips and/or Certificates shall be considered.
  2. Applicants for postgraduate programmes and upgraders must attach certified copies of their Transcripts and/or Certificates.
  3. Applicants holding academic qualifications attained outside Uganda must also attach copies of equivalence documents obtained from the Uganda National Examinations Board or Uganda National Council for Higher Education, as the case may be.
  4. Information on specific admission requirements for all programmes can be obtained from (under Study at KAB: Fees Structure), Academic Registrar’s Office, and Liaison Offices in Rukungiri, Kampala and Kigali.
  5. Use the programme codes (not full names of programmes) when filling in choices
  6. Enquiries should be addressed to; or call 0782 860259, 0704583059

Check the last day for submission of applications for 2024.

Students admitted under private sponsorship to the programmes below are eligible for fee loans from the Higher Education Students Financing Board

  • 1. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • 2. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • 3. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • 4. Bachelor of Science with Education
  • 5. Bachelor of Computer Science
  • 6. Bachelor of Information Technology
  • 7. Bachelor of Land Use Planning and Management
  • 8. Bachelor of Environment Science
  • 9. Bachelor of Nursing Science
  • 10. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

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