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Fort Portal International Nurses Training School Admission Requirements

Fort Portal International Nurses Training School Admission Requirements

About Fort Portal International Nurses Training School

FINS is a private Nurses and Midwifery Training School situated in Fort portal Municipality in western Uganda with the mission to train, and produce qualified and highly skilled self motivated health workers through theoretical and practical training that will serve the international demand for human resource for health and with a heart to love and care for all classes of patients.


To excel in training and producing competent health workers the meet and service the demand for human resources for health globally.


To be a model Nurses and Midwifery training school that trains and produces competent health workers in Africa by 2025


As an international institution, discipline, integrity, transparency, professionalism, Time management and compassion are values that we cherish.


  • To ensure that students get quality training and practical skills.
  • To provide conducive working and studying environment for the staff and students respectively.
  • To collaborate with local and international development patterns who embrace our vision and mission
  • To integrate ICT in the learning and management of the school for the attainment of our goal.

Fort Portal International Nurses Training School Courses Offered

Fort Portal International Nurses Training School Courses Offered

FINS, currently is offering four LONG academic programs AND two short programs from which students choose which one suits their needs. Briefly, these are:Sponsored Links

  • Enrolled Nurses: This enrolls students who have completed their ‘O’ Level and have passed sciences i.e physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Maths. It is a 21/2 years course which leads to the award of a certificate in midwifery of Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council.
  • Diploma in Nursing(in-service); This course enrolls students who have a certificate in nursing, midwifery, or enrolled comprehensive nursing. Its main aim is to help practicing enrolled nurses improve on their skills without resigning their jobs. Lectures are normally done on weekends and the other information is accessed through e-learning mode.
  • Diploma in Midwifery (in-service):. This program takes the same training mode like Diploma in Nursing as explained above. Both programs only allow practicing nurses who hold a certificate in nursing, midwifery or enrolled comprehensive nursing. It intends to help practicing nurses upgrade their skills, without affecting their work places.
 We also have two short programs
  • Six months course in midwifery for enrolled comprehensive nurses. It was realized that enrolled comprehensive nurses did not get enough training in midwifery, and as such FINS was requested by ministry of health with the support from intra-health capacity program to train all enrolled comprehensive nurses in midwifery. This course has both face to face and skills practice under the supervision of our skilled midwifery tutors.
  • Certificate in accredited Drug selling for drug shop owners, and nursing assistants working in drug shops. Upon realizing that many nursing assistants were selling drugs and many times making wrong prescription to patients due to lack of enough skills. Ministry of health with the support from MSH-UGANDA requested that we train the above mentioned people in pharmacy.(ADS). This program is done in partnership with Makerere University School of pharmacy. The course takes five weeks. It involves both theoretical and practical sessions. Each participant pays six hundred thousand Uganda Shillings.

Fort Portal International Nurses Training School Fees Structure

Fort Portal International Nurses Training School Fees Structure

ITEM AMOUNT US $ 1= 2500/=)
Section A
Registration fee 10,000/= 4
Examination fee 15,000/= 6
Computer fees 50,000/= 20
N:B . Payments for each academic year

Identity card 15,000/= 6
Name tag 10,000/= 4
Two pairs of uniform 120,000/= 48
School sweater 35,000/= 14
Clinical practice record book 10,000/= 4
N:B. Payments to be made once for the whole course

Tuition fees 1,400,000/= 560
Transport 65,000/= 26
N.B: Payments to be made every semester
TOTAL 1,730,000/= 692

Other additional requirements like reams of paper, gloves, toilet paper etc may be needed but they vary from intake to intake.You will also be required to come with personal belongings for your own personal use.
N.B All the money is paid in the following banks on the following accounts.

Housing Finance Bank- A/C No (using school pay in slips)
United Bank for Africa (UBA)- A/C (using school pay in slips)
The school also allows installment payments for only national students in the following fractions

300,000/= ($ 120)upon admission as commitment fee usually two months before the start of the semester (N.B: This is part of the school fees)
1.000.000/= ($ 400) on/ before the reporting date.
The balance (430000/=/ $ 172) is paid three months after the reporting date.

2023 Fort Portal International Nurses Training School Admission

We are so grateful by your visit to our website today. FINS provides exciting career opportunities in Enrolled Nursing and Midwifery . Our extensive curriculum provides students with the most exposure and practice possible in their field of specialty.

We have  Diploma Courses and  Certificate Courses, and we admit two times a year. In March we hold interviews for practicing nurses who wish to upgrade. In June and July, we admit


To enroll for course of enrolled nursing or midwifery you must possess the following requirements:

  • You must have passed Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Mathematic at O’Level.
  • You must not have spent more than three years out of school. If you have you must have been working as a medical worker in a heath institution. Eg as a nursing assistant, or nurse at enrolled level.
  • You must sit for oral and written interviews from the school.
  • You should also pay interview and application fee to the school accounts.

To enroll for the Diploma weekend courses you must poses the following

  •   You must have done and passed either enrolled nursing or enrolled midwifery.
  • You must be working in a hospital or health center three.
  • You must also be below the age of 45 years.
  • No interviews are done

To enroll for the In-service training for ECN in midwifery you must poses the following.

  • You must have done and passed enrolled comprehensive nursing, or registered comprehensive nursing .
  • No interviews are done