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Bugema University Fees Structure pdf

Bugema University Fees Structure pdf

Bugema University Fees Structure, BUG has released the amount payable as school fees for both Postgraduate and undergraduate Programmes for the 2024-2025 academic session.

The following are the BUG Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs and their respective tuition fees:

Degree 756,000Other Campus
Diploma 531,000Kampala Campus
Certificate 342,000Evening864,000
Masters 1,218,000Day810,000
PGD 913,500
Other campus
Teachers 342,000Degree756,000
Pastors 756,000Diploma531,000
Others 756,000Certificate342,000

Before you proceed to application, click on the links below for information:

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Courses Offered at Bugema University

Bugema University’s fees are competitive and are determined by the number of academic hours taken and other services provided by the university, such as boarding, library, medical, etc. The fee structure is subject to change. However, it cannot change within the academic year.

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The total amount to be charged to every student is computed by using the academic fees structure approved by the University Council. The copies of fee structures of different courses are available in the Registrar’s Office and Business Office of the university and are given free of charge on request.

The refund rules apply when a student makes changes in course load, withdraws, drops out, takes an unapproved leave of absence, fails to return from an approved leave of absence, is expelled, or otherwise fails to complete the period of enrollment for which he or she was charged.

The effective date for refunds of tuition or payments is made according to the date the student notifies the university and completes the withdrawal form. If the student fails to officially withdraw or appropriately notify the university, the last recorded date of class attended by the student, documented by the university, will be the effective date.

Institutional charges (tuition and fees, room and board) are refunded based on the total semester charges appropriately as follows for drop/withdrawal:

1 Week 1                               80% (any time after registration)
2 Week 2                               70%
3 Week 3 – 4                          60%
4 Week 5                               50%
5 Week 5+                              0% (No refund)

The university runs some summer/holiday programs. Tuition and fees refunded, based on total charges for the mini-summer, holiday classes, and summer term, are as follows for drop/withdrawal:

First 2 class days         80% (any time after registration)
Next 4 class days        10% less each day
After 5 class days         0% (No refund)

For more information and inquiries, you can contact Bugema University (BU) by visiting the institution’s official website.


P.O. Box 6529 Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256-312-351-400



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How many intakes does Bugema University have?

The School has three intakes in any given academic year, these include’ August Intake (Starting of the Academic Year) January Intake, and May Intake Applications are Ongoing – Please tell a friend to apply NOW!!