By | January 9, 2024

BSU Mandatory Requirements for Registration

I congratulate you all upon your successful admission to your respective programs and welcome you to Bishop Stuart University.

Below is a list of mandatory requirements for registration. Remember that you must register as the Semester commences to avoid any unnecessary disturbances.

  1. Admission letter.
  2. Academic Documents
  3. Direct Entrants (After A level) submit copies of both the O level pass slip and the certificate, and A level pass slips. Those without the A-level pass slip should submit a testimonial from their A-level school.
  4. Upgraders (Joining of Diploma, HEC, Bachelors, and Postgraduates) Submit copies of both O and A level pass slips and certificates, copies of the Diplomas, Degrees, and the Bridging course.
  5. International Students must include NCHE Equating Document.
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. The ID of previous Institutions Attended
  8. A financial statement indicating at least 50% payments on Tuition and Functional Fees
  9. Payment of NCHE fee (20,000/=)
  10. Registration, Declaration, and Oath form (Issued by AR Officials)
  11. Passport size photo.