By | January 8, 2024

All Saints University Lango (ASUL) Intake

The University is located in the heart of Lira town, Lango sub–region, Northern Uganda. In choosing ASUL, you have made the right decision.

Therefore, your long-awaited journey of success starts here! I am honored to welcome you into the exclusive ASUL family. We salute you for your entire endeavor and celebrate the promise you represent.

To fully be part of the ASUL family, simply click the Button link below to get full access to our University Entrance Application form and the relevant admission requirements.

Before you apply for admission, click on the links below for information:


Step 1: Admission Procedures in the Academic Registry

  1. Every applicant seeking admission shall first pay an application fee of UGX 20,000/- plus the required bank charge at the designated bank. He/she presents the paid-up bank slip to the Bursar’s office, obtains a receipt acknowledging the payment, and then presents the receipt to the Academic Registrar’s office and obtains an application form.
  2. The applicant completes the application form and returns it to the Academic Registrar’ office with the following documents attached:
  • 1. 3 copies of the applicant’s recent passport size photograph;
  • 2. 3 copies of the applicant’s old identity card;
  • 3.1 . 3 copies of the applicant’s birth certificate;
  • 4. 3 copies of the applicant’s academic certificates and pass slips;

Originals of the applicant’s ID card and academic certificates and pass slips which are all returned to the applicant after verification on the spot).

  1. After confirmation that the completed application satisfies the minimum conditions for admission, the applicant is required to pay a commitment fee of UGX 50,000/- before receiving a letter of admission.
  2. The applicant presents the paid-up bank slip for the commitment fee to the Academic Registrar’s office and receives a letter of admission signed by the Academic Registrar a copy of the fee structure and a paying-in bank slip for paying fees.

WARNING: Applicants are warned strongly against presenting fraudulent or forged academic documents to support their applications for admission. If discovered, such an act can lead to very grave consequences for the applicant.

Admissions Office Contact

P.O.BOX 32, Lira City – Uganda