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Aga Khan University (AKU) Uganda September Intake

Thank you for your interest in the Master of Education programme. Details about the programme,
admissions criteria and contact information are provided on pages 2-6. All applicants are expected to
apply online.

Please read the admission information carefully before filling out the online application.

The 18-month full-time Master of Education is an intensive graduate programme for experienced
teachers, teacher trainers, principals, and other professionals related to the field of education.

The programme provides a clear theoretical framework and principles that support quality professional
practice, equipping programme participants to become exemplary teachers and educational leaders in a
variety of contexts.

Applications are welcome from candidates across East Africa and beyond; women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Admission Policy

Admission is based on merit, assessed through several criteria including scholastic achievements, work experience, English language proficiency, critical thinking and the candidate’s results in the admission test and interview.

Fulfilment of basic eligibility requirements or a high score in any single aspect of the admissions process is not sufficient for selection.

Admission Requirements

An undergraduate degree, with at least lower second-class (or equivalent) from a recognized

Minimum five years of working experience if from the Kenyan public sector

English skills sufficient to access a graduate-level course

Ability to demonstrate strong reasoning and reflective skills

Submit a Personal statement (Requirements provided below)

Personal and Specialization Statement

Applicants must submit a ‘Personal Statement’ to support their application. This should not exceed 1000


This statement provides the candidate an opportunity to explain why this programme is
important to them. Candidates should explain how their professional experience relates to their
chosen specialization. It will be important for candidates to clearly state how the master’s level
study and the qualification will support their future careers.
The following instructions should be followed when writing the personal statement:

Ensure that it is typed and well presented.

It should be written in good English.

Ensure that this is your original work.

Do not copy your statement, in whole or in part, from
anybody else’s or any other source, including the Internet.

If detected this may lead to your
application being invalidated or, if detected at a later stage, dismissal from the programme.

The university may pass the personal statement through anti-plagiarism software.

Course Content
Core courses:

  • Educational leadership and management Research methods
  • Science of Teaching and Learning
  • Inquiry 1
  • Inquiry 2
    Areas of specialization:
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Tertiary Education
    Note: Students from the Kenyan public sector will require approval from their Kenyan County office to take
    the ‘Early Childhood Care and Education’ specialization.
    Elective course (Students will be informed about the electives to be offered in a particular year)
  • Policy Studies in Education
  • Citizenship Education: Principles and Practice
  • Early Childhood Literacies
  • Education for Sustainable Development
  • Educational Assessment Measurement and Evaluation
  • Organization Development
  • Special Needs and Inclusive Education
  • Fundamentals of Logical Reasoning and Critical Thinking
  • Digital Literacy
  • Sensitive Issues in Education
  • Programme Evaluation and Management
  • Pluralism and Education in East Africa and the Globalizing World
  • Gender in Education
  • Organization Theory
    Note: Students are not allowed to take ‘Early Childhood Literacies’ as an elective if they have taken ‘Early Childhood Development as a specialization.

Download the pdf here

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